SEO Consultancy Contract Template: FREE To Download, Edit & Use [DOCX PDF]

SEO Consultancy Contracts are used for establishing specific terms, responsibilities, and protections in a professional relationship between an SEO consultant and a client. Simplify your contract creation process with our easily downloadable, editable, and adaptable SEO contract template. Whether you’re looking for a PDF SEO contract or a DOCX SEO Consultancy Contract, our standard agreement can be personalized to meet your specific needs.

This free-to-use SEO contract serves as your starting point to draft a thorough yet straightforward SEO consultancy agreement. Suitable for all types of digital marketing and website optimization projects, this online SEO consultancy agreement is designed with customization in mind. Feel free to download this free SEO agreement template and leverage it as your comprehensive , customizable SEO contract template.


This Agreement is entered into by and between ______________________ (the “Client”) and ________________________ (the “Consultant”).


The Consultant agrees to provide the Client with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultancy services, which includes but is not limited to: SEO strategy development, keyword research and strategy, website SEO audits, SEO training, on-page optimization advice, link building strategy development, content marketing strategies, and local SEO strategies (the “Services”).


For the Services rendered by the Consultant under this Agreement, the Client shall compensate the Consultant at the rate of ________________________ per hour or fixed price of ________________________. The Consultant will submit invoices to the Client on a ________________________ basis. The Client shall remit payment to the Consultant within ________________________ days of receipt of the invoice.


The Consultant agrees that during the term of this Agreement and for a period of ________________________ years thereafter, the Consultant will not disclose any Confidential Information to any person, firm, corporation, association, or other entity for any reason or purpose whatsoever without the prior written consent of the Client.


This Agreement will commence on ________________________ and will continue until ________________________ unless earlier terminated in accordance with this Agreement. Either party may terminate this Agreement with written notice of ________________________ days.


The Consultant is an independent contractor, not an employee of the Client or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. The Consultant shall be solely responsible for all taxes, withholdings, and Social Security and Medicare contributions related to the compensation paid to the Consultant under this Agreement.


The Consultant shall indemnify and hold the Client harmless from any loss, expense, or damage occasioned by any claim, demand, suit, or recovery against the Client arising out of the Consultant’s performance under this Agreement.


During the term of this Agreement and for a period of ________________________ years thereafter, the Consultant agrees not to solicit any employees or customers of the Client for the purpose of providing similar Services.


This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of ________________________.


This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any previous understanding, commitments or agreements, oral or written.


This Agreement may only be amended in writing signed by both parties.


By signing below, the parties agree to the terms of this Agreement. ________________________ (Client) Signature: ________________________ Date: ________________________ ________________________ (Consultant) Signature: ________________________ Date: ________________________

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