North Dakota Room Rental Agreement Template [DOCX, PDF FREE To Download, Edit & Use]

Welcome to our page featuring a Room Rental Agreement Template designed specifically for North Dakota.
This easily downloadable, editable template will speed up and simplify the process of renting out your property.
You are free to adapt the language of this agreement to fit your specific needs.
Discover how our room rental agreement template can provide peace of mind for both landlords and tenants in North Dakota.


THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into this ________day of ___________, 20____(the “Effective Date”) by and between ___________(the “Landlord”) and ___________(the “Tenant”).


The Landlord rents to the Tenant and the Tenant rents from the Landlord the premises located at ____________. The premises will be used for residential purposes only.


The initial term of this Lease is for ________, beginning on __________ and ending on __________. Thereafter, the Lease will continue on a month-to-month basis until either the Landlord or the Tenant terminate this Agreement with written notice.


The monthly rent for the Lease is $___________. This amount must be paid on the 1st day of each calendar month.


Upon the due execution of this Agreement, Tenant will deposit with Landlord the sum of $________ as security for any damage caused to the Premises during the term hereof.


The premises shall not be used at any time during the term of this Agreement by Tenant for the purpose of carrying on any business, profession, or trade of any kind, or for any purpose other than as a private single-family dwelling.


Tenant will keep the premises and all items therein in good, clean, and sanitary condition. The Tenant will notify the Landlord promptly of any damage to the premises.


Tenant is responsible for having sufficient insurance to cover all personal property located on the Property. Landlord will not be responsible for any loss of Tenant’s personal property.


If Tenant fails to comply with any of the material provisions of this Agreement, or of any present rules and regulations governing the premises, Landlord may terminate this Agreement upon providing proper notice to Tenant.


Upon termination of this Agreement, Tenant will return the premises and all property of Landlord in a clean and undamaged condition.


This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of North Dakota.
The parties hereby indicate by their signatures below that they have read and agree with the terms and conditions of this Agreement in its entirety.
______________________ _________________
Landlord’s Signature Date
______________________ _________________
Tenant’s Signature Date
Please note that this Agreement is to be used as a guide and can be modified to fit the Landlord’s specific situation. It is advised to seek legal council to ensure all North Dakota laws are being abided by, including the North Dakota Century Code Title 47, Chapter 47-16, which governs rental agreements and landlord and tenant relationships.
This Room Rental Agreement is not intended to replace legal advice, it is a legal binding contract once it is signed and if there are any disputes or things you do not understand you should consult with an attorney.

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