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Welcome to the page for the Occupancy Agreement Template Iowa! This template can assist in creating an effective lease contract, specifying the rental term and rental conditions, among other things. Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, this comprehensive agreement provides important information on residential tenancy, including tenant rights and landlord obligations.

The template serves as a guide to help clarify the landlord-tenant relationship from security deposit details to eviction notice protocols. It can be easily downloaded, edited, and adapted per your rental property requirements.

Feel confident about setting up your housing contract using our template that looks after both tenant responsibilities and rental application process. A well-drafted occupancy agreement is key for bringing about transparency and protecting everyone’s interests in a lease agreement.

Occupancy Agreement

This Occupancy Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into this __ day of ____, 20__ (the “Effective Date”), by and between ___________________ (the “Owner”), and ___________________ (the “Occupant”).


The property subject to this Agreement is located at ___________________, Iowa (the “Property”). The Property includes ___________________. The Owner warrants that the Property is in a safe, habitable condition and will remain so for the duration of this Agreement.

Terms of Occupancy

The term of this Agreement will commence on ___________________ and continue until ___________________. The Owner may not increase the Occupant’s rent during the term of this Agreement. The Occupant may terminate this Agreement at any time by providing thirty days written notice to the Owner.


The Occupant agrees to pay $___________________ per month, due on the first day of each calendar month.

Security Deposit

Upon execution of this Agreement, Occupant will deposit with Owner the sum of $___________________ as security for the performance by Occupant of the terms under this Agreement and for any damages caused by Occupant, his party, or his guests.

Use of Property

The Property will be used for residential purposes only. The Occupant will comply with all laws and rules affecting the Property.

Repairs and Maintenance

Occupant will keep the Property in clean, sanitary, and good condition. If any damage to the Property is caused by Occupant or Occupant’s guests, Occupant will notify Owner, and Occupant agrees to provide and pay for necessary repairs.


Occupant is responsible for having sufficient insurance to cover all personal property located on the Property. Owner will not be responsible for any loss of Occupant’s property.


Occupant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Owner from all claims, damages, or liabilities arising from Occupant’s use of the Property.


If Occupant fails to comply with any of the material provisions of this Agreement, or of any present rules and regulations governing the Property, Owner may terminate this Agreement upon providing proper notice to Occupant.

Binding Effect

This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns.

Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Iowa.

Entire Agreement

This Agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties and there are no other promises, conditions, understandings or other agreements, whether oral or written, relating to the subject matter of this Agreement.



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