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Welcome to our page featuring an Occupancy Agreement Template for Alaska. This template is designed to help you quickly and easily draft an agreement for occupancy situations in the beautiful state of Alaska.

You can download, edit, and adapt this document to suit your specific needs, making the process of creating a legally-compliant occupancy agreement both straightforward and convenient. We have taken great care to ensure that all provisions align with Alaskan law. So, whether you’re a landlord or tenant, our template has got you covered!
Start simplifying your rental processes now with our adaptable Alaska Occupancy Agreement Template.

Occupancy Agreement

This Occupancy Agreement (“Agreement”) is made and entered into this [Day] day of [Month], [Year], by and between [Landlord’s Full Legal Name], hereinafter referred to as “Landlord”, and [Occupant(s) Full Legal Names], hereinafter referred to as “Occupant(s)”.

1. Property

The landlord rents to the Occupant and the Occupant rents from the Landlord the premises located at [the full address of the rental property]. The property will be used for residential purposes only.

2. Term of Agreement

The term of this Agreement shall commence on [start date] and continue (unless sooner terminated) until [end date]. The Landlord may terminate this agreement by providing 30 days written notice to the Occupant.

3. Rent

The Occupant shall pay to the Landlord during the term rental of [$] per month, due on the 1st day of each calendar month.

4. Security Deposit

Upon execution of this Agreement, Occupant will deposit with Landlord the sum of [$] receipt of which is hereby acknowledged by Landlord, as security for any damage caused to the Premises during the term hereof.

5. Use of Property

The property shall be used for residential purposes only. The Occupant will comply with all laws and rules affecting the Property.

6. Repair and Maintenance

The Occupant will keep the Property and all furnishings in clean, sanitary and good condition. If the Occupant causes or allows damage to the Property, the Occupant will notify the Landlord immediately.

7. Insurance

Occupant is responsible for having sufficient insurance to cover all personal property located on the Property. Occupant’s failure to maintain said insurance shall be a complete waiver of Occupant’s right to seek damages against Landlord for any loss of personal property.

8. Default

If Occupant fails to comply with any of the material provisions of this Agreement, or of any present rules and regulations governing the Property, Landlord may terminate this Agreement upon providing proper notice to Occupant.

9. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Alaska.

10. Entire Agreement

This Agreement contains the complete agreement between Landlord and Occupant and cannot be changed except by written agreement.

11. Acknowledgement

Occupant acknowledges that he/she has reviewed this Agreement, understands the terms and conditions, and agrees to be bound thereby.


[Landlord’s Full Legal Name]


[Occupant’s Full Legal Name]
[Occupant’s Full Legal Name]

Date: _________________________

Please note: This is a standard form of agreement and may not be suitable for all situations. Consultation with an attorney is recommended for any legal transaction.

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