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Link Building Contracts are used for outlining the terms of agreement between two parties involved in SEO and internet marketing services. On this page, you will find a highly customizable Link Building Contract Sample. Available in word document format, our Free Contract Template can be downloaded, edited, and adapted to perfectly suit your business’s unique needs. Whether you’re in need of an Online Marketing Agreement Template, a general Business Agreement Template Download, or an SEO-specific document like our DOCX Link Building Contract, we’ve got you covered.

This is not just another internet document – it’s a versatile, free to use solution that provides legal clarity for your digital marketing activities. Remember, the beauty of this Editabled Contract Document is that it’s designed to be flexible and easy to tweak so it can serve as your go-to Digital Marketing Contract Sample Download.


This Link Building Contract (the “Agreement”) is entered into on [Insert Date] (the “Effective Date”) by and between [Insert Your Company Name] (the “Client”), a company incorporated and existing under the laws of [Insert Country], and [Insert Link Building Agency Name] (the “Agency”), a company incorporated and existing under the laws of [Insert Country].


The Agency agrees to provide link building services to the Client as described in [Schedule A]. The services shall exclusively focus on the strategizing, implementation, and management of high-quality backlinks to the Client’s website, [Insert Website URL]. The Agency will use white-hat SEO techniques only and will adhere to the best practices as outlined by search engine standards.


This Agreement shall commence on the Effective Date and continue until [Insert End Date] unless terminated earlier by either party providing [Insert Notice Period] written notice. Upon termination, the Agency will cease all services and provide a final report of work completed.


The Client agrees to pay the Agency a fee as outlined in [Schedule B]. Payments shall be made on [Insert Payment Schedule]. An invoice will be issued by the Agency, and payment will be due within [Insert Payment Terms] of receipt of the invoice.


The Agency will provide monthly reports to the Client, including the number and quality of links built, search engine rankings, and other relevant metrics. The Agency shall also be responsible for monitoring the performance of the links and providing optimization recommendations.


Both parties agree to keep all information concerning the other’s business, including, without limitation, customer lists, products, services, and marketing methods, confidential during and after the term of this Agreement.


The Agency agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Client against any loss, damage, or cost incurred due to Agency’s violation of any applicable laws or regulations while providing the services under this Agreement.


This Agreement is non-exclusive, and both parties retain the right to contract with other businesses for similar services.


This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of [Insert Jurisdiction]. Any disputes arising from this Agreement shall be resolved through mutual negotiation, failing which it shall be settled by arbitration or court proceedings in the aforementioned jurisdiction.


This Agreement may only be amended in writing, signed by both parties.

[Insert Your Company Name]
By: _____________________________
Name: ___________________________
Title: ____________________________
Date: ____________________________

[Insert Link Building Agency Name]
By: _____________________________
Name: ___________________________
Title: ____________________________
Date: ____________________________

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