Letter of Instruction: FREE To Download, Edit & Use [DOCX PDF]

Letters of Instructions are used for a variety of purposes, including legal matters, estate planning, banking operations, and the transfer of funds. This page offers a downloadable Letter of Instruction template that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you require a will letter of instruction, a letter of instruction for estate planning, a letter of instruction for bank transactions, or other types, this template is fully customizable. You can also use it as a guideline to draft a notary instruction letter or for instructions to your broker.

All you need to do is download, edit according to your requirements and use it right away.

Personal Information

Full Legal Name: _______ Date of Birth: _______ Social Security Number: _______
This section contains my personal identity information. It is important to use this exact information when dealing with legal issues related to my estate.

Executor(s) and Guardians

Name of Executor(s): _______ Contact Information for Executor(s): _______ Name of Guardian(s) (if applicable): _______ Contact Information for Guardian(s): _______
The above individuals have been appointed to handle the affairs of my estate (Executor(s)) and care for any minor children (Guardian(s)). Please contact them as soon as possible to inform them of my passing.

Important Documents

Location of Will: _______ Location of Trust Documents (if applicable): _______ Location of Life Insurance Policies: _______ Location of Deeds and Titles: _______ Location of Tax Returns and Financial Statements: _______
These documents are vital to settling my estate and should be located and given to my executor(s) as soon as possible.

Financial Accounts

List of Financial Institutions: _______ Account Numbers and Types of Accounts: _______ Location of Checkbooks and/or ATM Cards: _______
These financial accounts will need to be managed and eventually closed. Please provide this information to my executor(s) so they can access the necessary funds to settle my estate.

Debts and Obligations

List of Outstanding Debts: _______ Contact Information for Creditors: _______ Location of Most Recent Bills/Statements: _______
Please ensure that all my debts are paid off as soon as possible to prevent any unnecessary interest or fees.

Insurance Policies

Types of Policies: _______ Policy Numbers: _______ Contact Information for Insurance Companies: _______
My insurance policies may provide significant funds to help settle my estate. Ensure that my executor(s) and beneficiaries are aware of these policies.


Name of Beneficiaries: _______ Contact Information for Beneficiaries: _______
These individuals or organizations are to receive the assets of my estate. Please ensure they are contacted and informed of their entitlements.

Funeral and Burial Arrangements

Preferred Funeral Home: _______ Preferred Burial Location: _______ Specific Instructions for Funeral and Burial: _______
These are my final wishes regarding my funeral service and burial. Please respect and follow them as closely as possible.

Additional Instructions

Additional Instructions: _______
Any additional instructions that I have not covered in this letter are listed here. Please ensure that these are followed as well.

Signature and Date

Signature: _______ Date: _______
This letter of instruction is not a legal document and does not replace my will or other estate planning documents. It is intended only to provide helpful guidance to my loved ones in settling my affairs after my passing.

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