Independence and Responsibility Agreement (for older teens preparing to leave home): FREE To Download, Edit & Use [DOCX PDF]

Independence and Responsibility Agreements are used for establishing expectations, outlining responsibilities, and defining the rights of individuals.

This serves as an essential framework for accountability in various contexts such as workspaces, educational institutions, or even among family members.

On this page is a downloadable Independence and Responsibility Agreement Word document that you can easily download, edit, and adapt according to your specific needs.

1. Skills Mastery Before Leaving Home

Under this agreement, the teen is expected to master certain life skills that will be essential for independent living. These skills include, but are not limited to:

Cooking: The teen should be able to prepare at least five different meals, understand the basics of nutrition, and learn how to shop prudently for groceries. The specific meals and other details of this requirement may be agreed upon by the teen and the parent/s.

Laundry: The teen should know how to sort clothes for washing, operate a washing machine, and handle delicate items that require special care.

Budgeting: The teen should understand how to manage finances responsibly, including creating a budget, tracking expenses, and saving for future needs.

2. Responsibility for Personal Matters

The teen is expected to assume responsibility for personal matters, including:

Appointments: The teen should be able to schedule, track, and attend necessary appointments without parental reminders or assistance.

Paperwork: The teen should understand how to handle important paperwork, including legal documents, financial statements, and educational records. This includes knowing when to ask for help if necessary.

3. College, Work, and Life Beyond Home

The teen and parents should engage in regular discussions regarding the teen’s plans for college, work, and life beyond home. These discussions should include:

College: The teen should understand the application process, choosing a major, managing college finances, and maintaining academic standards. Specific colleges to be targeted and other details can be agreed upon by the teen and the parent/s.

Work: The teen should understand how to search for a job, prepare a resume, and conduct oneself professionally in an interview. The teen is also expected to discuss career aspirations and potential pathways to achieve them.

Life Beyond Home: The teen and parents should discuss expectations for independent living, including maintaining a living space, managing personal safety, and developing a support network.

4. Agreement and Signature

By signing this agreement, the teen acknowledges the responsibilities and expectations outlined above. The parent/s acknowledge their role in guiding and supporting the teen in these endeavors.

Name of Teen:_____________________Signature:_____________________Date:_____________________

Name of Parent/s:_____________________Signature:_____________________Date:_____________________

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