Hotel Lease Agreement Template: FREE To Download, Edit & Use [DOCX PDF]

Hotel Lease Agreement Templates are used for setting up rental arrangements between hoteliers and their clients.
Our comprehensive and easy-to-edit commercial lease agreement template can be adapted to your specific business needs. Whether you’re seeking a hotel rental agreement template, hospitality lease agreement, or even an inn lease agreement form, our downloadable word document is perfect for ensuring all important aspects are covered.
Ideal for a range of scenarios – from a motel lease contract template to a hotel room lease agreement – this versatile form can streamline your rental process. Download today, adjust as necessary, and take the first step towards securing your next leasing contract.

Hotel Lease Agreement

This Hotel Lease Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into by and between the undersigned (“Landlord” or “Hotel Owner”) and the undersigned (“Lessee” or “Tenant”).

1. Description of Leased Premises

The Landlord hereby leases to Tenant and Tenant rents from Landlord, the premises located at [Insert Premises Address] together with any personal property located thereon (collectively, the “Premises”). The Premises will be used for [Specify Use].

2. Term

This lease agreement shall commence on [Insert Start Date] and shall continue until [Insert End Date], unless terminated earlier in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

3. Rent

The tenant shall pay a monthly rent of [Insert Monthly Rent] to the Landlord on the first day of each calendar month.

4. Security Deposit

Upon execution of this Agreement, Tenant will deposit with Landlord the sum of [Insert Security Deposit Amount] as security for Tenant’s obligations under this Agreement.

5. Maintenance and Repairs

The Tenant will keep the Premises in clean, sanitary, and good condition. If the Premises are not kept in good condition, the Tenant may be held responsible for damages to the Premises.

6. Insurance

The Tenant is responsible for having sufficient insurance to cover all personal property located on the Premises. The Landlord will not be responsible for any damage to the Tenant’s personal property.

7. Default

If Tenant fails to comply with any of the material provisions of this Agreement, or of any present rules and regulations governing the Premises, Landlord may terminate this Agreement upon providing proper notice to Tenant.

8. Governing Law

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of [Insert State Law].

9. Entire Agreement

This Agreement contains the complete agreement between Landlord and Tenant and cannot be changed except by written agreement.

10. Signatures

Landlord: ________________________ Date: __________ Tenant: ________________________ Date: __________ This contract may need to be reviewed by legal counsel to ensure compliance with the laws of your state. This is a broad form lease agreement and may not be legally sufficient for your specific circumstances.

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