Homework and Study Contract: FREE To Download, Edit & Use [DOCX PDF]

Homework and Study Contracts are used for setting clear expectations between students, parents, and teachers regarding homework and study requirements. This agreement helps ensure consistent study habits and promote accountability.

The downloadable contract on this page is a Word document that you can easily download, edit and adapt to suit your individual needs. Establish a purposeful homework routine today by using our Homework and Study Contract.

1. Study Hours

The first point of agreement in this study contract is the designation of specific study hours. These hours are to be strictly adhered to and are designed to create a consistent study schedule that promotes productivity and good time management. The student agrees to allocate a certain amount of daily time to studying and completing homework.
The hours of study will be from ____ to ____, every day. These hours may be divided into different periods throughout the day, depending on the student’s schedule. However, once decided, these hours should remain consistent. Any changes to this schedule must be discussed and agreed upon by all parties involved in the contract. The student agrees to responsibly manage their time during these hours, focusing only on academic tasks and avoiding any distractions.

2. No Entertainment Until Homework is Complete

This part of the contract is intended to ensure that the student’s focus remains on studying and completing homework. The student agrees not to engage in any form of entertainment until all homework assignments are completed. This includes, but is not limited to, television, video games, social media, non-academic internet browsing, and social outings. The student will not participate in any form of entertainment until all homework for the day is completed. This condition is designed to help the student develop good work habits, prioritizing work before leisure. The student understands that failure to abide by this part of the contract may lead to a revision of the contract and possible consequences.

3. Weekly Progress Checks

As part of this contract, the student agrees to have their academic progress checked on a weekly basis. These checks are to ensure that the student is meeting their academic obligations and allowing for assessment of the effectiveness of the contract. The weekly progress check will take place every ____, at ____. During these checks, the student’s academic progress will be discussed, including but not limited to, homework completion, test grades, and overall understanding of the material. Adjustments to the study schedule or methods may be made based on these weekly evaluations.

4. Contract Agreement

The student understands that this contract is a binding agreement between themselves and the supervising party, which may be a parent, guardian, or tutor. The student agrees to abide by all conditions set forth in this contract, understanding that they are designed to promote academic success and improve study habits. The contract will begin on ____, and will continue until ____. The supervising party agrees to support the student in their academic endeavors, providing assistance when needed and holding the student accountable to the terms of the contract. The student understands that failure to abide by the terms of this contract may lead to consequences, as determined by the supervising party. Any breach of this contract will result in ____, as decided by the supervising party. Student’s Signature: _______________________ Date: ______ Supervising Party’s Signature: ________________ Date: ______

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Other Useful Contracts

Parents can also benefit from exploring the Digital Device Agreement template, especially if they have children who use electronic devices for their homework. This contract sets rules for the responsible and respectful use of devices, ensuring that these tools aid in their child’s education rather than become a source of distraction. This can perfectly complement a Homework and Study Contract by reinforcing focus and discipline in your child’s study habits.

In addition, families may find the Household Chores Agreement an excellent resource. This contract promotes responsibility and cooperation within the household, values that are necessary in maintaining good study habits. Assigning household chores can also teach children how to manage their time effectively, a skill that can greatly assist them when it comes to studying and completing homework on time.

The Curfew Contract is another noteworthy template parents might want to incorporate into their children’s routine. Establishing a set schedule for leisure, study, and bedtime not only promotes discipline but also ensures that children get enough sleep—crucial for better academic performance. This contract can work hand-in-hand with the Homework and Study Contract by setting clear expectations about study times and bedtimes.

Lastly, it would be beneficial for parents to consider the Extracurricular Activities Agreement. Engaging in extracurricular activities can provide a healthy balance between studying and leisure and contribute to the holistic development of children. By defining a contract on how much time should be spent on these activities without compromising study time, parents can help their children make the most of both their academic and non-academic pursuits.
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