Extracurricular Activities Agreement: FREE To Download, Edit & Use [DOCX PDF]

Extracurricular Activities Agreements are used for outlining the rules, responsibilities, and conduct expected of students participating in school-related programs and events.

They play a crucial role in establishing a clear understanding between the student, parents, and the school administration. This agreement provides an effective, efficient and well-communicated plan. Whether you’re an educational institution or a club organizer, here you will find a downloadable Extracurricular Activities Agreement word document.

You can download, edit and adapt this template to suit your specific needs, ensuring smooth operation of extracurricular activities while protecting everyone’s interests.

1. Overview of Agreement

This Extracurricular Activities Agreement (“Agreement”) is made and entered into by and between [Insert Parent/Guardian Full Name] (“Parent”) and [Insert Child Full Name] (“Child”). The purpose of this Agreement is to balance the Child’s academic responsibilities with participation in chosen extracurricular activities. The Agreement aims to ensure that the Child maintains a healthy balance between schoolwork and extracurricular activities, while also promoting commitment, discipline, and personal growth.

2. Identification of Extracurricular Activities

The Child intends to participate in the following extracurricular activity(ies): [Insert List of Activities]. The Child acknowledges that each of these activities requires a significant time commitment, and agrees to allocate appropriate time and effort to each of these activities in accordance with this Agreement.

3. Academic Responsibilities

The Child agrees to prioritize academic responsibilities over extracurricular activities. The Child will ensure that participation in extracurricular activities does not negatively affect school attendance, completion of assignments, or preparation for tests and exams. The Child is expected to maintain a minimum grade point average of [Insert Required GPA] during the academic year.

4. Time Management

The Child agrees to create and follow a regular schedule that provides sufficient time for both academic responsibilities and extracurricular activities. The Child will provide the Parent with a copy of this schedule. The Parent will review and approve the schedule, ensuring that it reflects a healthy balance between academic and extracurricular commitments.

5. Parental Involvement and Support

The Parent agrees to provide the necessary support to the Child to fulfill academic responsibilities and participate in chosen extracurricular activities. This includes transport to and from activities, financial support for fees and equipment, and emotional support. The Parent agrees to attend as many of the Child’s extracurricular activities as possible to provide encouragement and support.

6. Commitment to Chosen Activities

The Child agrees to show commitment to the chosen extracurricular activities. This includes attending all scheduled practices and events, listening to and respecting the instructions of coaches or activity leaders, and giving their best effort at all times. The Child understands that failure to show commitment may result in removal from the activity.

7. Review and Amendments

This Agreement will be reviewed by the Parent and Child on a quarterly basis, or whenever there are major changes to the Child’s academic or extracurricular commitments. Amendments to this Agreement must be agreed upon by both the Parent and Child.

8. Agreement

The Parent and Child hereby agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Extracurricular Activities Agreement. By signing below, both parties commit to uphold this agreement to the best of their abilities.

[Insert Parent Full Name]
Parent Signature, Date

[Insert Child Full Name]
Child Signature, Date

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