Customer Support Representative Agreement: FREE To Download, Edit & Use [DOCX PDF]

Customer Support Representative Agreements are used for formalizing the terms and conditions between an organization and its customer support representative. This vital agreement delineates the scope of work, performance expectations, confidentiality clauses, and other working parameters.

Fortunately, we provide you with a comprehensive and professionally-drafted Customer Support Representative Agreement in Word format. Easy to download and fully customizable, it ensures both parties are on the same page regarding roles, responsibilities, and rights.

It’s your ideal tool to create a transparent work relationship – download now to adapt it according your business needs.

1. Employment Terms and Job Description

This agreement is made between (Employer Name) and (Employee Name) for the role of Customer Support Representative. The Employee agrees to perform the following duties: – Responding to customers’ queries in a timely and accurate manner. – Identifying customer needs and helping customers use specific features. – Monitoring customer complaints on social media and reaching out to provide assistance. – Sharing feature requests and effective workarounds with team members. The above job description is a guide and additional tasks and responsibilities may be added at the discretion of (Employer Name).

2. Work Hours

The standard work hours for this position will be (Start Time) to (End Time) from (Start Day) to (End Day). Any changes to these hours will be communicated and agreed upon in advance.

3. Compensation

The Employee will be compensated at a rate of (Hourly Wage) per hour. The Employee will be paid every (Pay Period) by (Payment Method). This rate can be reviewed and may be adjusted at the discretion of the Employer.

4. Confidentiality Agreement

The Employee agrees to keep all information relating to customers, company operations, and internal documentation confidential. Breaches of confidentiality will be met with disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

5. Training Requirements

The Employee is required to complete all necessary training to perform their duties effectively. Training will be provided by (Employer Name) at no cost to the Employee. Failure to complete training may result in disciplinary action.

6. Grounds for Termination or Disciplinary Action

The Employer reserves the right to terminate employment or take disciplinary action in the event of poor performance, misconduct, or breach of confidentiality. The Employee will be given a notice period of (Notice Period) prior to termination.

7. Miscellaneous

This Agreement will be governed by the laws of (Country/State). Any amendments to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.

8. Agreement

This agreement has been read and understood by both parties. The parties hereby agree to all terms and conditions outlined in this agreement. (Employer Name)_________________________ Date: (Date)_______________________ (Employee Name)_________________________ Date: (Date)_______________________

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