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Welcome to your one-stop resource for a Contract For Rental Property catered for New Mexico. This vital legal document outlines the lease agreement terms between a tenant and landlord, ensuring fair and clear property management according to New Mexico’s real estate law. Feel free to download, edit, and use this comprehensive rental property contract as per your unique requirements. In managing your rental property, having a robust and precise rental agreement is key – and we’re here to help you with it.

1. Lease Agreement

THIS LEASE AGREEMENT (“Lease”) made and entered into this DAY day of MONTH, YEAR by and between LANDLORD’S NAME (hereinafter “Landlord”), and TENANT’S NAME(s) (hereinafter “Tenant”).

2. Premises

Landlord rents to Tenant and Tenant rents from Landlord, the premises located at PROPERTY ADDRESS, New Mexico. The premises will be used for residential purposes only.

3. Term

The initial term of this Lease begins on START DATE and ends on END DATE. Thereafter, the Lease shall continue on a month-to-month basis until either Landlord or Tenant terminate this Lease with written notice.

4. Rent

Tenant agrees to pay AMOUNT IN DOLLAR per month, due on the 1st day of each calendar month.

5. Security Deposit

Upon execution of this Lease, Tenant will deposit with Landlord the sum of SECURITY DEPOSIT AMOUNT as security for compliance with the terms of this Lease.

6. Repair and Maintenance

Tenant will keep the premises in clean, sanitary, and good condition.

7. Insurance

Tenant will maintain a policy of liability insurance with a minimum limit of coverage of INSURANCE COVERAGE AMOUNT.

8. Governing Law

This Lease shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of New Mexico.

9. Entire Agreement

This Lease contains the complete agreement between Landlord and Tenant and cannot be changed except by written agreement.

10. Signatures

The parties hereby bind themselves to this agreement by their signatures affixed below on this DAY of MONTH, YEAR. LANDLORD: LANDLORD’S NAME____________________________ TENANT(s): TENANT’S NAME(s)____________________________ This lease agreement should be reviewed by a lawyer familiar with the laws in the State of New Mexico before it is signed. Each landlord and tenant will need a copy of the lease agreement. This is not a substitute for legal advice. An attorney must be consulted. DISCLAIMER: The information provided herein is for general information purposes only and not intended to be a specific legal advice or opinion. It is always recommended to seek professional legal advice before entering into a contract.

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