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Welcome to our page dedicated to the Commercial Lease Agreement Template Florida. This comprehensive, easily adaptable template is designed for any type of commercial property lease within the state of Florida. Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, you can utilize this resource to create a straightforward and legally compliant business lease agreement.

This downloadable rental contract, also known as a lease form, helps streamline your rental process by providing all essential clauses needed in a standard rent agreement. It simplifies the drafting of your landlord-tenant agreement, making sure that both parties’ rights and responsibilities are clearly defined. Feel free to download, edit, and adapt this all-inclusive Florida-specific commercial lease agreement template
to match your specific leasing needs.

1. Parties

This Lease Agreement (“Lease”) is entered into this [insert date], by and between [insert landlord’s name] (hereinafter “Landlord”), and [insert tenant’s name] (hereinafter “Tenant(s)”).

2. Premises

Landlord rents to Tenant and Tenant rents from Landlord, the premises located at [insert property address]. The premises will be used for [insert type of business] purposes.

3. Terms

The initial term of this Lease will begin on [insert lease start date], and will terminate on [insert lease end date]. Thereafter, the Lease will continue on a month-to-month basis until either Landlord or Tenant terminate this Lease with written notice.

4. Rent

Tenant agrees to pay $[insert rent amount] per month, due on the 1st day of each calendar month.

5. Security Deposit

Upon execution of this Lease, Tenant will deposit with Landlord the sum of $[insert security deposit] as security for Tenant’s faithful performance of the terms of this Lease.

6. Use of Premises

The premises shall be used for the purpose of operating the business of [insert type of business] and for no other purpose without prior written consent of the Landlord.

7. Repairs and Maintenance

Tenant will keep the premises, and fixtures in good repair and will surrender the same, at termination, in as good condition as received, normal wear and tear excepted.

8. Insurance

The Tenant will maintain, at its expense, liability insurance with limits not less than $[insert insurance limit]. Landlord will be named as additional insured on this policy.

9. Default

If Tenant fails to comply with any of the material provisions of this Lease, or of any present rules and regulations, Landlord may terminate this Lease upon providing proper notice to Tenant.

10. Miscellaneous

This Lease will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida. Any dispute under this Lease will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Florida.

11. Entire Agreement

This Lease contains the complete agreement between Landlord and Tenant and cannot be changed except by written agreement.

12. Signatures

In witness whereof, the parties have executed this Lease as of the day and year first above written.

[insert landlord’s name]


[insert tenant’s name]


13. Notary Public

COUNTY OF [insert county].

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this [insert date], by [insert landlord’s name], who is personally known to me or who has produced ID as identification.

Notary Public
My Commission Expires: [insert expiry date]

Please note that this is only a sample commercial lease agreement. It is important to consult with a licensed attorney in your state to ensure all local laws and regulations are met.

14. Florida Specific Clauses

[insert Florida specific clauses] – It is important to note Florida law requires specific language to be included in leases regarding security deposits, discrimination, access to the property, and the presence of radon gas, among other things.

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