Airbnb Property Management Agreement Template: FREE To Download, Edit & Use [DOCX PDF]

Airbnb Property Management Agreement Templates are used for setting clear expectations and responsibilities between Airbnb hosts and their property managers. Our downloadable Airbnb rental agreement form can be modified to match your specific requirements.

With this customizable, easy-to-use property management contract template, you can fine-tune your contract details, ensuring all your unique hosting needs are covered. Ideal for both short-term and vacation rental scenarios, it serves as an uncomplicated but comprehensive resource to secure your Airbnb hosting relationships.

From residential property management to vacation home rentals, adapt and mould this property manager contract sample based on your individual or business needs. Use our Airbnb host agreement template as a steadfast guide in shaping your ideal rental arrangements.

1. Parties and Property

This property management agreement is made between [Host Full Name] (hereinafter referred to as the “Host”) and [Property Manager Full Name] (hereinafter referred to as the “Property Manager”). The property subject to this agreement is located at [Property Address] (hereinafter referred to as the “Property”).

2. Appointment and Acceptance

The Host hereby appoints the Property Manager as their exclusive agent to manage the Property, and the Property Manager accepts this appointment. This appointment is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.

3. Term and Termination

This agreement will begin on [Commencement Date] and will continue until [Termination Date], unless terminated earlier in accordance with the terms of this agreement. Either party may terminate this agreement by providing [Number of Notice Days] written notice to the other party.

4. Property Manager Obligations

The Property Manager agrees to manage the Property in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, and to provide services including, but not limited to, advertising the Property, managing bookings, handling guest inquiries and complaints, coordinating cleaning and maintenance, and overseeing check-in and check-out procedures.

5. Host Obligations

The Host agrees to provide the Property in a clean and habitable condition, to maintain appropriate insurance coverage, to pay all charges and expenses related to the Property, and to indemnify the Property Manager against any claims arising from the Host’s failure to comply with any laws or regulations.

6. Compensation

The Host agrees to pay the Property Manager a fee of [Percentage of Booking Revenue]% of the total booking revenue generated from the Property during the term of this agreement.

7. Indemnification and Liability

The Host agrees to indemnify and hold the Property Manager harmless for any liability or claims arising from the Property or the Host’s breach of this agreement. The Property Manager will not be liable for any loss or damage to the Property, except to the extent caused by the Property Manager’s negligence or wilful misconduct.

8. Governing Law

This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of [Your State]. Any disputes arising from this agreement will be resolved in the courts of [Your State].

9. Entire Agreement

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Host and Property Manager and supersedes all prior oral or written agreements, understandings, or arrangements.


Signature: _______________________

Name: [Host Full Name]

Date: _______________________

Property Manager:

Signature: _______________________

Name: [Property Manager Full Name]

Date: _______________________

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