18 Dating & Relationship Agreement Templates [Downloadable]

Dating & Relationship Agreement Templates are not commonly heard of in most circles. However, these innovative and modern relationship management tools are becoming an increasingly adopted method for establishing clarity in romantic relationships and friendships.

Why Use Dating & Relationship Agreement Templates?

Formulating a “Relationship Contract” is a phenomenal way to establish rapport and transparency in any relationship. It helps couples to outline their expectations, boundaries, and commitments, preventing potential misunderstandings or miscommunications. It can thus result in healthier, stronger, and more fulfilling relationships.

Who Should Use One?

Anyone in a committed relationship can use Dating & Relationship Agreement Templates. Whether you’re a newly formed couple navigating the initial stages of your bond or a seasoned duo wanting to firm up certain aspects of your partnership, these templates provide a valuable means to enhance communication and understanding.

Likewise, if you have a friendship and want to agree on terms, of course, these would not need to be legally binding; they would be more of a device or understanding between two people.

Importance of Dating & Relationship Agreement Templates

Using a Dating & Relationship Agreement Template, couples can provide clear statements about their expectations and requirements from the relationship.

In fact, they can even spell out consequences if the agreed boundaries are crossed. This helps avoid assumptions which often lead to arguments and break-ups. Hence, these agreements are crucial for maintaining harmony in relationships.

Potential Issues without A Relationship Contract

Without an agreed contract or understanding, miscommunication and misunderstandings are inevitable in any relationship. These may lead to disagreements, unnecessary fights, or even break-ups due to mismatched expectations or unfulfilled desires.

Therefore, it is important to establish your own personalised Dating & Relationship Agreement Template. This will not only ensure clarity and understanding but also nurture love, respect, and commitment within your relationship.

18 Dating & Relationship Agreement Templates [Downloadable]

Here are some relationship contract templates for various stages and types of relationships:

Dating Consent Agreement Template

  • Names of parties involved
  • Statement of mutual consent to engage in dating
  • Boundaries and limits (physical, emotional, and time)
  • Confidentiality agreement regarding personal information shared
  • Terms for modifying or ending the agreement

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Living Together/Cohabitation Agreement Template

  • Names of parties involved
  • Address of shared residence
  • Allocation of living expenses (e.g., rent, utilities)
  • Division of household responsibilities
  • Details on shared property and individual property
  • Agreement on what happens if the relationship ends or if one party decides to move out

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Prenuptial Agreement (Prenup) Template

  • Names of parties involved
  • Current financial status of both parties
  • Assets and liabilities disclosure
  • Terms for division of assets and property in the event of divorce
  • Provisions for spousal support or alimony
  • Financial responsibilities during the marriage
  • Agreement on inheritance, estate planning, and future acquired assets

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Postnuptial Agreement Template

  • Similar to the Prenup but is agreed upon after the marriage has taken place
  1. Parenting Agreement Template (for couples with children)
  • Names of parents and children involved
  • Custody arrangements (primary, joint, visitation schedules)
  • Financial responsibilities for child rearing (education, health, etc.)
  • Decision-making responsibilities (education, medical, religious upbringing, etc.)
  • Guidelines for introducing new partners to children
  • You may need more specific parenting contracts.

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Open Relationship Agreement Template

  • Names of parties involved
  • Guidelines for engaging with other partners (communication, safe practices, disclosure)
  • Boundaries for types of external relationships (e.g., only emotional, only physical, etc.)
  • Check-in schedules and conflict resolution procedures
  • Confidentiality agreement regarding external relationships

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Pet Agreement Template (for couples co-owning pets)

  • Names of parties and pet(s) involved
  • Responsibilities for care (feeding, vet visits, grooming)
  • Financial responsibilities for pet care
  • Decision-making for major pet-related decisions
  • Custody arrangement in the event of a relationship breakdown

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Digital and Social Media Agreement Template

  • Names of parties involved
  • Agreement on sharing personal information, photos, or experiences online
  • Boundaries for online interactions with friends, exes, or strangers
  • Terms for digital privacy (sharing passwords, accessing devices)

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Travel Agreement Template (for couples traveling together)

  • Names of parties involved
  • Financial responsibilities (booking, expenses, emergency funds)
  • Itinerary planning and flexibility terms
  • Decision-making in travel emergencies or unplanned events
  • Communication expectations during solo travel moments

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Breakup Agreement Template

  • Names of parties involved
  • Terms for the division of shared assets, property, or financial accounts
  • Confidentiality and privacy agreements regarding relationship details
  • Guidelines for post-breakup communication or interaction
  • Any ongoing responsibilities (e.g., debt repayment, child support)

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Elderly Care Agreement Template (for family members taking care of aging parents)

  • Names of all parties involved
  • Description of the care required (medical, daily living assistance, etc.)
  • Financial responsibilities for the elderly person’s care
  • Terms of living arrangements (living at home, moving to a caregiver’s home, etc.)
  • Guidelines for medical decision-making and end-of-life care

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Friendship Agreement Template

  • Names of friends involved
  • Terms of confidentiality and trust
  • Guidelines for conflict resolution
  • Boundaries for personal space, time, and shared interests
  • Terms for loaning/borrowing money or items

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Long-Distance Relationship Agreement Template

  • Names of parties involved
  • Communication guidelines (frequency, modes of communication)
  • Visitation schedules and financial responsibilities for travel
  • Terms for trust and managing jealousy or insecurities
  • Plans or criteria for closing the distance in the future

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Study or Project Group Agreement Template

  • Names of group members
  • Allocation of tasks and responsibilities
  • Meeting schedules and communication methods
  • Conflict resolution and decision-making guidelines
  • Terms for the division of group assets or rewards

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Engagement Agreement Template

  • Names of parties involved
  • Terms for the management of the wedding budget
  • Guidelines for wedding planning and decision-making
  • Confidentiality terms for personal or familial issues during the engagement period
  • Plans for premarital counseling or relationship-building activities

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Roommate Agreement Template

  • Names of roommates
  • Rent and utility split
  • Household chore responsibilities
  • Guidelines for guests and noise levels
  • Terms for conflict resolution and potential termination of the living arrangement

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Shared Custody Pet Agreement Template (for separated couples with pets)

  • Names of parties and pet(s) involved
  • Pet custody schedule
  • Financial responsibilities for pet care
  • Decision-making for major pet-related decisions
  • Guidelines for the pet’s well-being during transitions between homes

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Gift or Loan Agreement Template (between couples or friends)

  • Names of giver and recipient
  • Description and value of the item or amount loaned
  • Terms of repayment (if applicable)
  • Provisions in case of damage or loss
  • Any interest rates or additional conditions for repayment

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